Beach Games

This is a team experience requiring you to undertake a myriad of tests, the objective being to score as many points as possible.

- Team building and bonding
- Energetic and competitive
- Fun day out

This is guaranteed to bring out your competitive spirit. The focus is to work as a team by completing a series of tests, by working as a team. Each test requires you to think, act quickly and decisively in order to ensure you emerge as the winning team.

You will participate in the following activities:
1. Sand Buggies! : Teams compete at the same time to build sand buggies (go-karts) from the materials we provide. Then we have a race! 15 minutes building time is allowed before the race begins.
2. Water Race: Relay race with obstacles and water which needs to be carried on a tray. The opposing teams add to the challenge by pelting the players with beach balls (balls made of foam of course!) The challenge is to get as much water into the container as possible in 6 minutes. Then the other teams compete.
3. Giant Sand Castle Building: With adult sized spades and buckets, the teams compete to build the most impressive sand castle or sculpture they can. The winner is chosen by the combined judges and is awarded on the basis of artistic merit as well as size.
4. Team Building Challenges: Teams compete in 4 different challenges, each with a 5 minute time limit. These challenges require the teams to think things through and work together:

This is an ideal experience for a group of friends, family or as a corporate team building exercise. A real must!

€ 55 per person
Outside Barcelona. Accessible by train (30 minutes), private transport upon request.
2.5 - 3 hours
Daily from April to October; out of season at weekends only
Min. 10
In case of high winds or heavy rain the activity will be postponed to a later date
Swimwear is necessary. Also bring a towel and a T-shirt in case there is a lot of sun to protect the shoulders.
Barbecue at the beach can be organised for 55€ per person. Prizes for the winning team can be added for an additional cost.
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